Allergy Treatment

Here at Health & Harmony, we can tell spring is in the air when our patients come in with red eyes and stuffy noses. Seasonal allergies affect one-fourth of Europeans and this is set to rise to 50% within the next decade, a combination of Chinese herbal medicine and weekly acupuncture sessions is a useful and effective way of alleviating the symptoms and may help prevent allergies altogether.


Allergies happen when your immune system misidentifies something harmless, such as pollen, and mounts a defense against it by becoming inflamed and producing mucus.  As practitioners of Chinese medicine, we’re trained to diagnose each patient’s allergies individually, looking for a pattern of disharmony that has resulted in symptoms. We start by dividing up the root of the problem from its branch. The branch is the allergy symptom whereas the root is the situation in the body that led to the allergy happening. Once we have a clear picture of a patient’s unique combination of symptoms, we create a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to their situation.


At Health & Harmony, this plan usually involves a weekly acupuncture treatment, a daily herbal formula, and some diet and lifestyle changes.



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