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As food provides our basic nourishment, the body’s ability to process it efficiently is integral to health particularly, Blood and Qi.

Conceptually, the digestive system in TCM can be seen as one continuous tract from the mouth to the rectum. Food and fluids enter via the mouth are broken down by the teeth and sent down to the Stomach which is likened to a cooking pot with water contained therein.

The Spleen provides the fuel under the pot while the Liver and Gall Bladder add “spices”. All these elements combine to form a soup which is distilled into the Pure and Impure. The Impure is excreted out while the Pure is sent to the Heart and Lungs.

Damp and Phlegm are the usual culprits of digestive discomfort. They can be produced at anytime during this digestive cycle, either because there is insufficient chewing, there may not be enough “water” in the Stomach, the cooking heat may be too low or there are too many "spices" added to the mix. Damp and phlegm as a by-product, further drags down and already weak digestive system by slowing down processes even more.

Excess heat in the Stomach can lead to poor nourishment despite a ravenous appetite due and can lead to constipation. Spleen dampness may cause lethargy, abdominal fullness and excess weight gain. A combined deficiency of both organs leads to mild indigestion, irregular appetite, bloating and sometimes diarrhoea. These are just some of the most common digestive ailments.

As poor digestion interferes with nutrient absorption, at first, acupuncture is most useful as it can stimulate the relevant organs promoting better functioning so that later herbal medicine can be used to round out the effects.



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