Traditional Chinese Medicine


Heat Cupping is a TCM therapy that is usually applied for the following ailments: joint and arthritic pain, stomach ache, menstruation issues, headaches, indigestion and respiratory conditions.

The purpose of cupping is to warm the area being treated and to encourage the flow of Qi and Blood to the relevant sites of pain. Cupping is one part of treating a patient. Usually it follows a session of acupuncture designed to get to the root of the problem by eradicating the blockage and is a way of giving the patient instant pain relief.

Heat cupping involves removing the oxygen from a glass orb-like cup with a flame and affixing these cups to the skin quickly. This may sound frightening but the flame use is rapid enough to remove oxygen but not heat the cup. There are two possible methods.

The first requires leaving the cups on the skin until it reddens from the suction of the cups, this is the most effective way but it can leave a mark similar to a bruise. The second method involves attaching the cups rapidly and removing them after a few moments and repeating the process. During the treatment most will have a feeling of tightness of the skin where the cups are attached; this will ease as soon as the cups are removed.



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