Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbs are selected and combined in formulas based on principles of TCM. Typically, a number of herbs would be used in any given formula for the purposes of

  1. Affecting related secondary aspects of the illness.
  2. Preventing the formula from causing side effects or illness by balancing its effects.
  3. Strengthening the effect on the pathology.


In the design of prescriptions, roles are assigned to various herbs; some have a primary function while others are secondary. Dominant primary herbs are accompanied by secondary herbs that help, correct and oppose the effects of the primary herbs.

This helps to achieve a balanced formula. Herbs are selected based on their elemental properties, temperature and direction of movement. Herbs vary between possessing heat, warmth, neutrality and coolness and diaphoretic, anti-pyretic, purgative, moisturizing, astringent or resuscitating effects on the body.

To put this in context using examples, the effects of herbal medicine are identical to the effects food has on our bodies. Take ginger root, a common flavouring used in food, it is also a pungent herb with a Yang energy which is considered to be warming. It moves outwards and upwards promoting circulation, aiding digestion and may induce sweating. It is unsuited for those with a Yin deficiency or excessive heat.

Herbs are usually harvested then cured and dried before use. At Health and Harmony, we have over 400 types of herbs of the highest quality imported from China. We prefer using herbal medicine in the form of decoctions, which are dried herbs cooked in water for a specified amount of time.

This results in a strong tea which retains the potency and qualities of the herbs the best. Alternatively, we prescribe pills and capsules made with powdered herbs which offer more convenience for the user.

As with all food and medicine, people will have different reactions to herbal decoctions. Some might notice a significant change quickly while others will only see subtle changes in their health. We aim to provide herbal prescriptions that are effective without the common ill side-effects often seen in Western medicines.



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